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Electronic Countermeasures

A legitimate surveillance countermeasure operation is an extremely technical investigation requiring a level of skill and experience that very few possess. As wisdom is a product of experience rather than knowledge gleaned from books, . . . superior countermeasure/counterintelligence tradecraft is likewise the result of experience rather than knowledge gained from training. Generally, a countermeasures operation will begin with a complete risk assessment and discreet (covert) reconnaisance of the location to be 'swept'. An actual inspection to uncover eavesdropping equipment may include but not be limited to, . . .

  • Detailed physical search
  • RF capture and comparison
  • Light spectrum monitoring
  • InfraRed / Temperature monitoring
  • Telephone system (to demarc.)
  • Computer system diagnostic

Once a countermeasures investigation has been completed, very specific recommendations will be made to minimize the client's risk of further eavesdropping. Unfortunately, as soon as a delivery arrives, a customer visits, maintenance staff enters the premises, etc., the locale has potentially been 'contaminated'. Therefore the countermeasure team's recommendations are of utmost importance to ensure ongoing privacy and security.