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Service of Process

Service of Process

Poindexter Global Intelligence solutions can accomplish service of legal process in any of over 100 sovereign nations. Service is effected either by internal staff dispatched for that specific purpose, or by a properly vetted agent or affiliate of our offices. We offer both 'service by agent' as well as service through a method compliant with the Hague Conventions. If you are unsure about the proper manner of service you may contact us for a brief orientation of the general requirements. We do NOT offer legal advice, but rather 'general' information about your legal document delivery.

If the subject that you wish to serve is located outside of the United States or its territories, contact us by email, fax, or telephone as provided on our Contact Us page.

Service of Process in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Service of Legal Process (Notificacion Oficial ~ Emplazamiento)

Memeber - National Association of Professional Process Servers