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Poindexter & Associates, Inc. in the news ...

  • Poindexter Group forms captive insurer Janus Assurance Re
  • Poindexter Global granted NC AOC direct criminal history access
  • Shannahan avoids Poindexter Process Server
  • Poindexter Global Intelligence opens in Dominican Republic
  • The Poindexter Group acquires dominican law firm
  • "Press Release" Villar.San´chez.Poindexter Consultores Legales S.A.
  • "Surveillance Optics", by C.Poindexter, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.
  • Poindexter Surety Group Makes Charity a Priority

The Intelligence Process

Polished intelligence is not simply and "information report". Intelligence is the product of careful identification of information sources, data collection, and rigorous analysis of the veracity of the data. Intelligence is "vetted and evaluated information". Learn more, . . .

Why Poindexter Global Intelligence Solutions?

The firm is owned and staffed by investigative and intelligence collection specialists with broad international experience in both overt and covert operations. All intelligence and countermeasures operatives are rigorously prepared and well equipped for their respective assignments.